The House

Experience old-world charm and unforgettable hospitality in our historic urban barn. PointBreezeway sits in the quaint and beautiful neighborhood of Point Breeze in Pittsburgh’s east end…just steps away from Frick Park!

Our venue is ready-to-go with everything you need to curate the memorable experience you are looking for. All you need to do is choose your food and bring along your smile. We’ve got the rest covered.

Welcome home!

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The Tea Room

On Thursday evenings, in the early 1940s, the patrons of what was once “Mary’s Tea Room” would gather here and write to the neighborhood boys serving in World War II. 

Handmade cafe tables, floor to ceiling french doors, a cozy corner of pillows and blooms on each table gives life to the perfect place to celebrate. Relax and enjoy some fare with your best people at a brunch or afternoon event. 

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The Speakeasy

Welcome to the oldest room in the house! It was built as a small utility barn circa 1800 and has been a revolving door of businesses ever since (tavern, speakeasy, confectionery!), and eventually our family home. 

Grab a plate and make your way around the room, while taking in all the history and antique touches. Curious to learn more about PointBreezeway’s rich history that dates back to the 1800s?

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A PointBreezeway Wedding

Why we love Anne + Jed.

From our first email, it was easy to tell that these two were a bona fide PointBreezeway couple.  Anne’s exact words were “I am horrible at planning things”.

I knew she had come to the right place.  Of course she wanted this day to be sweet, special and beyond memorable….she was just not interested in all of the “wedding hoopla”. Anne and Jed invited 35 of their best people. They married in the Tea Room with everyone tucked inside which made for the coziest of ceremonies. They chose to keep the food light and easy to eat which allowed their guests to nibble freely and even mingle at the same time. Every simple choice they made truly allowed their wedding to flow easily and gracefully.

And please. I think it goes without saying. If there’s any couple that makes you want to get married in the rain…it’s these two. And that dress!

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The Little Wedding

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